Posted by: Kate | June 23, 2010

We’re still here!

Well HELL-o there! We’ve been neglecting this little farm blog due to…you know…farming.

The weather has been terrible for honey production. Normally by this time of year, we have a couple of honey harvests under our belts. So far we have nary a drop! It’s frustrating! But that’s the life of a farmer! We signed up for this! Luckily we still have plenty of fall harvest wildflower from 2009.

The farmers markets are in full swing, and we are busily loading up the car, heading to markets, and then coming home to load up again. The pork is flying out of the coolers and everyone is praising the lard! (phrase stolen from Prather Ranch)

The bacon and sausage is almost all gone bye bye. So come fight over the last packages at this week’s markets. But fear not, as both will return in late July/early August.

That brings us to yet another unique Lovers Lane Farm commodity: The honorable BERKSHIRE PIG .We are excited to add these gems to our heritage breed crew.

Until recently, the major market for Berkshire pork has been in Japan, where the meat is prized for it’s superior flavor. They call it Kurobuta (Black Hog). Ever heard of Kobe Beef? Well Berkshire is the pork equivalent. It is juicy and tender like Tamworth pork, but it’s high fat content make it suitable for long cooking and high temperature cooking.  The cuts tend to be marbled, with a pinkish hue.  Chefs in the US have caught wind and now it is all the rage in them there fancy restaurants.

The least publicized fact about Berkshires is this: they are incredibly goofy. They joke around with each other all day long. They run around like dogs and nip each others’ ears and crash into one another. They try to get the Tamworths to lighten up, and sometimes they succeed. Then you will see a thundering herd of pigs dashing crazily around the pasture. You might find that your sense of humor improves after tasting this pork.

We have some Berkshire piggies that are just about to harvest weight, and that means will will have whole and half hogs in late July. We like to pre-sell whole and half hogs first because it is the more humane way to go.  When we collect a deposit for a whole or half hog, the customer then owns the pig. We kill the animal as a courtesy and send it off to the butcher. The animal dies on the field it was raised on, munching on delicious food. They don’t feel fear or pain, and they never have to deal with the stress of transport to a USDA facility. When we take pork to the farmers market, it has been transported to Eureka to be slaughtered in a USDA certified facility. Unfortunately this is currently the closest facility.

We have a limited number of whole and half-hog pre-order allocations for late July, so get in touch with us as soon as possible.

You can:

  • call us (707) 463-2658
  • come by the farmers market
  • email us (
  • shortwave radio
  • Morse Code
  • pigeons

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