Posted by: Kate | May 20, 2010


The weather has to be just right for perfect honey-making conditions. We need a wet spring, and we need late spring rains, but sunny days are also important in allowing bees to get out and work the nectar flow. This soggy and cold spring has been glorious for water reserves and fire protection, etc, but it hasn’t really allowed our girls to make a whole lot of honey. They have been focused on keeping the hive at the correct temperature, and staying dry inside.

Most of our hives are behind in honey production right now. We probably won’t see much Vetch Blossom honey at all this year. This will  be sad news for those die-hard Vetch customers who line up at the late May and early June farmers markets.

Keith says that we will probably see an intense honey flow come all at once as soon as the weather turns warm, however. Then we’ll scramble to get it all harvested.

Our beehive sales went very well. We sold tons of packages of bees this week, and are getting ready for the customers who bought full hives. Our first beekeeping class is this Sunday, May 23rd. Wish Professor Keith good luck with his first teaching assignment. Hopefully no one throws spit wads or bee larvae at him.

The pork is back, baby! And we are all so very excited. The bacon is still curing at Roundman’s Smokehouse in Fort Bragg, but we have plenty of other goodies in the coolers at the farmers market.

We had shoulder steaks last night with a mustard-apple reduction sauce. It was pretty all right. You might like it if you like sweet and smoky sauces paired with succulent meat, or whatever. And the chops: they are juicy. We are trying sort of very hard not to eat all the pork out from under our customers’ noses.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements once I can get my act together!



  1. We promise not to kvetch
    About the lack of vetch
    Wildflower honey won’t be spurned
    We’ll smile as we pay you our hard-earned

  2. Would like to reserve some bacon. Please?

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