Posted by: Kate | March 22, 2010

I wrote this last week when we had no internet

Our apartment on the ranch is on a second story, and we sometimes feel like we live in a tree house because of the panoramic view of our farm. I often stand at the window and look out at the barnyard when I am rocking Linnea to sleep at nap time. Today I was watching the barnyard action as I swayed back and forth and Linnea’s eyelids drooped.

The sun was just coming out after a long, hard burst of rain. Piglets started venturing out first: always the boldest of the barnyard crew. Their round bellies swayed as they sauntered out. Next came the chickens, cautiously stepping and pecking here and there. The goats are always last. They hate rain and wet with a passion. The little kids leapt and bounded past their mothers once they got the “all clear”.

The barnyard was full of life again, with goat kids goofing off and leaping off of things, piglets dashing around and taunting the chickens, and earnest hens searching for worms washed up by the rain.

I could see the bees rushing out of the hives below our house to take advantage of the sun and haul in nectar and pollen.

A few drops started to fall again, and everyone paused. The rain began again in earnest and the goats were first to dash like mad back into the barn. The kids bumped into one another and jumped over the backs of the piglets. The piglets were triggered by the goats and crashed into hens in the pandemonium. The hens started running, head down, for the coop.

The barnyard was deserted almost as quickly as it was filled, save for a few bedraggled hens pecking at the ground.


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