Posted by: Kate | January 28, 2010

I just sat down and realized it’s been a week since I’ve written anything here. Keith left for Santa Cruz, where he will be playing in the opening act for a little band called AFI. Ever heard of them? They’re from Ukiah. Apparently he still has got what it takes, even though he hasn’t picked up a set of drumsticks in over 5 years. He must be some kind of genius. I am married to the best drummer/beekeeper/hog farmer/dad ever.

While Keith is away living the rock star life, I will be punching hundreds of holes in Mason jar lids. Glamorous, I know. We just got a shipment of half gallon jars that we will be putting sugar syrup in to feed the bees. The jar gets filled with syrup and placed upside down over a hole in the lid of the hive. The syrup is then sucked out of the tiny holes in the lid of the jar by the bees. This time of year, the bees can starve if they are not fed. They have often used up their honey storage, and the cold and rain make it impossible for them to go out to collect nectar. We want healthy hives that are ready to begin their work in the spring.

In the next month or so, we will be taking the hives over to the Central Valley to pollinate almonds. “Say What?” I thought all your honey was local! Don’t worry. It is.  The bees will make some honey for themselves and use it all up before we start harvesting honey. Almond honey is bitter and inedible anyway.


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