Posted by: Kate | January 19, 2010


Well. We asked for rain. And we got some. Nearly four inches over the past three days. We have been scrambling to move beehives to higher ground, clear culverts so that the creek runs smoothly, and keep dry straw in the pigs’ huts. This is very good news for Mendocino County, and for the bees and plants on the farm. It will most likely mean a good honey crop, as hydrated plants make nectar longer. The goats and chickens are not so thrilled. The goats peek out sadly from their stall in the barn. They refuse to come out in any kind of rain. The chickens head out anyway and soon become sodden and heavy. The Silver Polish with the mop of feathers on her head looks like she belongs in a Charlie Brown cartoon: she’s all mopey and bent over with the weight of the water soaking her feathers.

The pigs are having fun, though. They don’t mind getting wet and muddy, and when they feel like it, they dogpile (pigpile) inside their huts on their bed of straw. The ten new piglets stay inside and snuggle up against their mother’s warm body, dozing and playing in the straw. It is adorable to watch two nibbling each others ears while another is sprawled out, twitching in her sleep and a third is attempting to scale his mother’s face. Mama takes it all in stride, sniffing and grunting at her babies.



  1. You could charge ex-city folk like me a nominal fee to come visit the piglets 🙂

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