Posted by: Kate | January 8, 2010

Rendering Fat

I have never rendered lard before, and prior to acquiring pigs, I hadn’t given it much thought. Now that I am trying to eat according to Nourishing Traditions and I have access to good quality lard, I am interested in learning how to do it. There is also a book by the same author called Eat Fat, Lose Fat, which I would like to check out. This country is so obsessed with low fat and low calorie food, yet we are the most obese in the world. Go to France, where everyone is skinny, and see how much (healthy) fat they eat!

I have just been saving the bits of fat from our pork chops in a bag in the freezer. As soon as I have enough, I will render it and document the process. The Nourished Kitchen has a great tutorial if you want to start before me. If you want a larger quantity of cleaner fat to start with, we have some available to render.


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