Posted by: Kate | November 17, 2009

Recipe Ideas

Hey farm friends!

As we think about the arrival of all this pork, we are looking for wonderful recipes to share with our customers. Pork is so versatile, and there are so many cuts (ribs, chops, ham, roasts, bacon, etc) that it can be overwhelming to think about how to cook it all! We like to cook chops with fruit preserves…

What are some of your favorite recipes for pork?



  1. Right now I’m actually preparing a third of a tenderloin roast, approx 3lbs (perfect for 2-3 people with regular appetites) for tomorrows dinner and thought I’d toss an idea out there. I usually take whatever fresh herbs I have around (basil, dill, garlic chives, what-have-you) and add an onion roughly chopped to some sort of marinading container (Ziplock bags work fairly well if you don’t have a better alternative) and a few cloves of minced garlic (fresh is best) to a cup of olive oil. Add any other great veggie or fruit flavors you may want to infuse in the meat (i like the zest and juice of one lime though mango is equally delicious) and a generous splash of red wine vinegar (not too much if you did add citrus). Add your 1/3 tenderloin roast to the bag with said marinade and massage around the meat before squeezing as much air out as possible. Let sit overnight and roast the following day. Salt and pepper (and any other dry seasonings you may want) the outside before oven insertion. Oven should start at 475 and after a half an hour drop the temp to 425 for another hour (roughly). Internal temp should be 150 to 155 when pulled from oven. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes as the juices all settle back in. Carry-over heat will cook the roast the rest of the way. Slice and serve. Makes for a nice light flavor on the outer inch of the roast while the center retains all the delicious pork flavor. This is the style I do most often with pork, though in the past I’ve done some Jamaican Jerk style seasonings with ginger and pepper and all that jazz. Hope it’s an idea to springboard off of though.

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