Posted by: Kate | November 16, 2009

Our sows, Nelly and Charlotte, have been bred, and they’re tucked away in their cozy stalls for the winter. Their winter stalls allow them to go into the barn and burrow under the straw if they wish, or bask in the sun outside. Pigs like to have straw bedding to sleep on. They actually chew it up until it is fine and soft, and they spread it out to their liking. Then they bury themselves into it at bedtime to stay warm. Who knew 400 pounds of pork could be so adorable?


We have some guests in the barnyard right now. Spotty and Fatty are from the Apple Farm in Philo.


Spotty and Fatty are feral stock that were captured as piglets in the woods of Anderson Valley and raised on delicious apples, I presume. Sophia, the livestock caretaker at the farm, decided to breed with Wilbur because she liked the idea of adding the bulk and superior flavor and meat quality of the Tamworth to the hardiness and ability to build fat of the feral stock.



Spotty and Fatty are ready to start their own families, and Wilbur is happy to oblige.

Linnea wanted to go down and help get them settled, but she fell asleep before we made it through the barnyard gate. IMG_9706

These ladies are lucky to live at the Apple Farm. People pay money to stay there. It’s a beautiful spot in Anderson Valley where you can stay and pretend you live on an apple farm, and take cooking classes, and walk through the orchards. The little cabins are adorable and well designed. You should go visit. And take me with you.



  1. keiths come a long way since the computer in the closet days.

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