Posted by: Kate | November 12, 2009

Hi everybody! We always say that things slow down on the farm during the winter months, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case this year. We are discovering that we don’t have time to chew our food properly, or return library books on time, or brush our hair with regularity.

It might have a little bit to do with the fact that we have a 4 week old to care for. Maybe. But it also has to do with our new pork venture! We are gearing up to sell some delicious free range pork, friends. It will be available in mid-December, but people are already placing orders. You get to choose how you want your meat cut, and whether or not you want bacon and sausage. Mmmm. Oh lordy, it will be tasty. Email or call us with your order. Hurry, it won’t last long. You can buy a whole (dead) pig if you want!

If you live in Ukiah, come visit us at the farmers market this Saturday and say hi. We are still attending the market, as it is now year-round. Remember that honey, soap, and beeswax balm make great housewarming/bat mitzvah/divorce/christening/sorry-my-dog-bit-you gifts.


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