Posted by: Kate | September 29, 2009

love fest

Love is in the air here at Lovers Lane Farm. The boar has been put in with the sows, our buck is in rut and the does in heat. Everything is stinky and squealy.

I am glad I’m not a pig. I would not be happy if my mate body checked me away from my food, and then tried to hump me after he finished my dinner. No thanks. Wilbur the boar is so huge and lazy. He has massive teeth and he takes everything by force.

Here he was last year, all innocent and sweet.


Today he has gigantic teeth and weighs 700 pounds. He chases the sows around all day, nudging their sides with his massive snout.

Wilbur and Nelly

Che the buck is adorable, however. Here he was last year as a baby, sucking on a bottle and being sweet.

che baby

Today, he is pumped with testosterone, peeing on his own face, and rubbing his neck on the does. He smells like cheese left out to rot, and he waggles his tongue with his head cocked to one side at the does. They think he is hott. They rub all over him too and waggle their tales suggestively when he comes around. They are three smelly, content animals.

Beezus and Che



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